Monday, May 12, 2014

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I'm back!

    It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  I have been getting lots of hours at work, and on top of that I have been in the middle of mid-terms.  Thankfully I'm just taking the one class, but it still took a lot of time out of my week.  Anyway,  during these last couple weeks I worked up a hankering to write more movie blogs, and with some help from a friend I decided on a new format.

     I am going to use this as my main page (hence the name) where all my posts will be linked to it so you can find a particular blog post about a particular movie.  As I write new posts I will update this post with the link.  Something else I am going to do has to do with spoilers.  Yes, that dirty word.  I want people to go and watch these movies and enjoy it being spoiled by me.  So what is it then, you ask? I am going to create a 2nd post of each movie that goes into greater detail but is full of spoilers.

I am doing that because I want to talk more about these movies and talk about particular scenes, but these scenes are deep into the movie and would definitely spoil it for you if you read it.  However if you have seen the movie, or go see it after reading my first post about that movie, then feel free to click on it and read my further thoughts!

Without further ado, enjoy my blog site!
If you're wondering about the dead links, those are movies I am planning on blogging about in the near future.

Zombie Movies
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Dawn of the Dead (1978) vs Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Day of the Dead (1985)

80s Nostalgia Movies
Monster Squad (1987)

Romantic Comedies
The Wedding Singer (1998)

90s Awesome Movies
Gross Pointe Blank (1997)

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  1. spoilers!!! this is great idea. I know what its like telling someone about movie or your opinions on it without giving key events away. do it! I need to write another post about music. maybe I'll do a review of March's Terrorizer issue which focuses on Finnish Folk Metal bands (all of whom I've seen live, some multiple times!!)