Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Wedding Singer (1998)

I received a little bit of feedback since my last post that I definitely found helpful.  The first is to not focus too much on one genre, the second is to put a link to the imdb page of the movie so that if someone wants more information about the movie they can go straight to it from that blog post. 

To keep with the first suggestion I am reviewing The Wedding Singer (1998) starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  Yes, that's right, a romantic comedy.  Why? Because this is one of the best romantic comedies I have ever seen.  Let me explain.

The movie is set in the mid-80s, I believe 1985.  I found it pretty hilarious that it's a period piece for a period that was only 13 years before the movie was filmed.  I know there are other movies on similar time lines (dazed and confused, set in 1976 and filmed in 1993) and those are good too, but that is not the only reason I like this movie.

The 80s hold a special place in my heart.  I was very young when they were going on so by the time I was old enough to get into the culture, shows, technology, and music it was already fading as the 90s took center stage.  This movie brings all of these things to the forefront with references, especially references to music.  Music is the primary theme in this movie and it shows throughout it.

The main character, Robbie Hart, is a kindly wedding singer with aspirations of starting a family and making it big as a singer/songwriter.  It starts off very upbeat, with him performing well with some great music at a wedding, telling everyone about how he hopes to be as happy at his own upcoming wedding, and even defusing a situation the groom's drunken brother causes.  Also, that same night he meets Julia, a new waitress at the wedding hall, who tells him how she's getting married too.  She's new to town though, so he offers to help her with her wedding.

It gets a little dark when Robbie's wedding does not go as planned when the bride doesn't show up and sends a message that she never will.  After a rough time he is helped by Julia because she holds him to his promise to help her with her wedding, and so he is able to move on by getting lost helping her with her wedding preparations.

Through a variety of 80s flair and style, and many, many songs from the 80s the story progresses as the two become very good friends to the point they both start to wonder if she's marrying the right person. 

Sadly my description does not do it justice since a lot of the story is held together by terrific acting on behalf of the two main characters.  It's a fun movie with a happy ending, and it is a great date movie.  The main reason I like it so much though is that I like the relationship between Robbie and Julia.  That being with someone should be about mutual respect and that the two of you should be best friends before you decide to become partners for life.  It shines a bright light on marriage, both on why to get married, and why not to get married.

Oh, and watching an 81 year old woman performing "Rapper's Delight" always makes me smile. 

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