Friday, April 25, 2014

Gross Pointe Blank (1997)

     Gross Pointe Blank (Rated R) is a curious movie that is several elements combined.  It's part romance, part comedy, part action, part drama, and very fun.  Stars Jon Cusack, Minnie Driver, and Dan Akroyd.

      Jon Cusack plays an assassin who gets a 10 year reunion invitation at the same time as a contract in his home town of Gross Pointe, Michigan.  He originally uses the reunion as a cover but going home brings up some unfinished business, especially with his former high school girlfriend (played by Driver).  He meets old friends, family, and  rivals, and finds out that his business rivals (another assassin played by Dan Akroyd) are in town going after the same target.

     This movie has some witty dialogue, interesting scenarios, and Jon Cusack's voice (as it always does) has an almost comedic tone to it that helps keep the movie from getting too serious.  It always feels light-hearted, from start to finish, and features some of the best rock music of the 80s.  I try to watch this movie every few years, both because it's fun and to see how its aged over the years. 


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